~ 188. Death Wants Revenge on Anansi ~

Anansi robbed Death's house, and Death wanted revenge. So Death came to Anansi's house at night, and he crawled under the ground. 
Then in the morning Death grew from the ground in the form of a callaloo plant. He knew that Anansi loved callaloo stew.
In the morning Anansi saw the callaloo plant.
"Let's make stew!" he said to his wife.
"No!" said Mrs. Anansi. "There's something wrong with that plant."
"There's nothing wrong with this plant!" protested Anansi, and he started eating the callaloo.
As soon as he did, he fell down dead.
Death had his revenge on Anansi.

Inspired by: Wona's story "Anancy Meets Bredda Death" as reported in The Caribbean Story Finder by Sharon Barcan Elswit.
Notes: This story is 385 in Elswit's index, from Wona's book, A Selection of Anancy Stories. Sadly, the English book is not available online, but a German translation is available at Hathi. The first part of the story describes how Anansi robbed Death: Anansi Robs Death's House. You can read more about callaloo stew at Wikipedia.

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