~ 12. Anansi and Tiger Go Hunting ~

Tiger and Anansi hunted Mr. Man's pigs.
Every time Tiger shot, Anansi shot too. 
Tiger hit the pigs. 
Anansi didn't hit anything, but he still claimed half the meat.
This made Tiger mad, so he played a trick. "I hear Mr. Man coming!" Tiger shouted. 
They both hid. 
CRACK! Tiger made a whip-sound. CRACK! Tiger made the sound again.
"Who shot my pigs?" said Tiger in Mr. Man's voice.
"Tiger shot the pigs!" Anansi shouted.
"Not me, Mister Man! I can't shoot! Tiger shot those pigs."
Tiger laughed at Anansi and took all the meat home.
Anansi got nothing.

Inspired byWest Indian Folk-Tales by Philip Sherlock.
Notes: This story appears on p. 118 of the book: Anansi Hunts with Tiger.


  1. A rare win for Tiger in his battle against Anansi

    1. It won't last! He's too brainy to be down for too long!