~ 32. Anansi and the Honey ~

Anansi was eating honey.
"What's that?" Tiger asked him.
"Monkey piss!" said Anansi, smiling. "Try it!"
Tiger tasted the honey. "Monkey piss is sweet!"
Tiger ran to catch Monkey, and Anansi went along to watch.
Tiger grabbed Monkey around the neck with one hand, and he held out his other hand. 
"Piss in my hand!" Tiger roared at Monkey.
Monkey obeyed, and Tiger drank the piss. 
"Ugh! That's not sweet at all!"
Anansi shouted at Tiger. "Don't squeeze so tight! Loosen your grip, and Monkey's piss will be sweet."
Tiger loosened his grip, and Monkey ran away.
Anansi just laughed.

Notes: This is story 67. Assaulting All the Senses. The story is from Surinam.


  1. Every time you think Tiger can't get more gullible he does! No wonder Anansi can't stop laughing!

  2. Such a cruel trick to play on Tiger.