~ 101. Anansi and Cow ~

Anansi put cane-liquor in a gourd and went walking.
He met Cow and offered him a taste.
"Delicious!" said Cow.
"Come live with me!" Anansi said. "I'll give you liquor! Just let me put this willow-rope over your horns and lead you to my house."
Anansi led Cow home and tied the rope to a tree.
"I'll go get you more liquor!" Anansi said.
Anansi came back with a machete, but when he went to cut Cow's head off, he accidentally cut the rope and Cow ran off.
"Cow! Come back! I was just joking!"
Cow never trusted Anansi again.

Inspired byJamaican Song and Story by Walter Jekyll
Notes: This is story 20 in the book. See also a similar plot in story 35; in this one, Anansi offers cane as a chewstick, and then cane-liquor.

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  1. Just glad to see that Cow survived unlike some of his other innocent victims