~ 189. Anansi and Death's Field of Yams ~

Anansi had a field next to Death's field.
Death planted yams, but Anansi was lazy. He didn't plant; he just watched Death.
"You're sure working hard, Death!" he said.
"Lazy people go hungry, Anansi!" Death replied.
Death's yams grew ripe, and Anansi came in the night to steal them, but Death was there, waiting for him.
Death chased Anansi!
Anansi ran home, Death on his heels. "Close the door!" Anansi shouted at his wife.
Death stood outside, waving his machete.
Anansi ran up the stairs into the dusty attic. Anansi is still there now, hiding from Death and weaving webs.

Inspired byCaribbean Stories by Robert Hull
Notes: This story appears on p. 43 of the book: Bro Nancy and Bro Death. There's some fun back-and-forth when Death is interrogating Anansi in the field. For example, Death asks Anansi what his basket is for, and Anansi says he's going fishing. There's also a wonderful version in African American Folktales: Stories from Black Traditions in the New World by Roger D. Abrahams, "Anansi Climbs the Wall."

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