~ 15. Anansi and Tiger Go Fishing ~

Anansi and Tiger went fishing.
When they caught a fish, Tiger grabbed it. 
"This one's mine!" he shouted. 
Tiger tied a string to the fish and then tied that string to his toe. "When I wiggle my toe, I'll know the fish is there."
Then Tiger went to sleep, wiggling his toe to make sure the fish was there.
Anansi carefully untied the fish and tied the string to a tree.
Tiger kept wiggling his toe, and he thought the fish was there.
When Tiger woke up, he pulled the string.
No fish!
Then Tiger knew Anansi had tricked him.

Inspired byAnansi Folktales in the Diaspora by Victorine Grannum-Solomon
Notes: This story appears on p. 25 of the book: Anansi and Tiger Go Fishing. In the first part of the story, Anansi takes all the fish and Tiger doesn't get any.

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