~ 21. Anansi and Tiger's Bone-Hole ~

Tiger had a big pot of stew-meat, and he had a bone-hole where he threw the bones.
Anansi and his family got in the pot to eat, but Tiger came, so they hid in the hole.
Tiger ate and threw a bone. It hit Anansi's child. "Hush!" said Anansi.
The second bone hit Anansi's other child. "Hush!"
The third bone hit Anansi's wife. "Hush!"
Finally Tiger threw a bone that hit Anansi. 
"Everybody yell!" said Anansi.
So they yelled, and it scared Tiger. 
Tiger yelled, "Ghosts in the bone-hole!" and ran off.
Then Anansi and his family ate the meat.

Inspired byJamaica Anansi Stories by Martha Warren Beckwith
Notes: This is story 8 in the book. Beckwith heard this story from William Forbes; additional information in Beckwith's notes. I added the part where Tiger shouts about ghosts in the bone-hole.

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