~ 105. Anansi and the Chicken ~

Anansi was hungry.
He put his mother up in a tree, giving her a rope and a stick.
Then Anansi sat at the foot of the tree, grinning.
Chicken walked by. "Why are you grinning?" she asked.
"I'm grinning because my treehouse is nice and cool, and it's full of food."
"I'm so hungry!" said Chicken. "Let me visit your treehouse, Anansi!"
"Okay," said Anansi.
Then he sang, "Mama, Mama, drop the rope."
Anansi tied Chicken to the rope. "Mama, Mama, haul her up."
Then Anansi shouted, "Mama, Mama, use the stick!"
Anansi's mother killed Chicken, and they ate her.

Inspired byWest Indian Folk-Tales by Philip Sherlock.
Notes: This story appears on p. 135 of the book: Born a Monkey, Live a Monkey.


  1. The gullible chicken deserved that for trusting Anansi

    1. No he didn't. Anyone would have fallen for that scam because it was so clever. It was also mean!