~ 1. Anansi and Tiger in the Pit ~

Anansi heard Tiger roaring.
He looked around.
There was Tiger, trapped in a deep pit!
Tiger was leaping and jumping, trying to escape.
Anansi looked down and smiled. 
"Hello, Tiger!" he said. "Having trouble down there?"
That made Tiger mad! Inch by inch, he started clawing his way up the pit.
"You can do it, Tiger!" Anansi shouted. "Come on! Come on!"
Near the top, Tiger gasped, "No... more... strength..." 
"Just pray!" said Anansi. "Put your paws together and pray for strength."
And when Tiger put his paws together, he slid all the way back down.
Anansi ran off, laughing.

Inspired bySpiderman Anancy by James Berry
Notes: This story appears on p. 69 of the book: Anancy Runs into Tiger's Trouble. In Berry's story, Tiger has been in there a long time and is all skin-and-bones.


  1. Haha Anansi preying on Tiger's gullibility and laughing at how stupid he is.

    1. That was really cruel thing for Anansi to do!

    2. You have to remember that Anansi is more likely to survive for longer if Tiger is in that pit and unable to eat him!