~ 81. Anansi and Dog at the River ~

Anansi, carrying a sack of food, had to cross a river, but he was scared of the alligators.
"Help me, Dog!" shouted Anansi. "I'll give you half my food."
Dog ran down the river and barked so the alligators swam that way.
Then Dog raced back to Anansi and carried him across before the alligators knew what happened.
"Thank you, Dog!" said Anansi.
Then, when Dog wasn't looking, Anansi threw a rock in the river.  "Oh no! I dropped my sack!" Anansi yelled.
Dog jumped in. As he splashed around trying to find Anansi's sack, alligators ate him.
Anansi laughed.

Inspired byAnnancy Stories by Pamela Colman Smith
Notes: This is the final episode of How Annancy Went to Fish Country.


  1. Haha this proves that Anansi is an evil genius because he cons Dog into being eaten by the alligators.