~ 4. Anansi and the Coconut ~

Anansi was eating a coconut, smacking his lips happily.
"What's that?" Tiger asked him.
"It's one of my balls!" said Anansi. "Balls are very sweet."
Then Anansi smiled at Tiger. "Hey, Tiger, your balls are much bigger than mine. I bet they are even sweeter than mine are! Let's go to the blacksmith. He can use his hammer and anvil to break off one of your balls so you can eat it."
Tiger and Anansi went to the blacksmith. 
Tiger lay down, and the blacksmith banged him with a hammer.
Tiger died.
Then Anansi ate Tiger, balls and all.

Notes: This is story 67. Assaulting All the Senses. The story comes from Surinam. In the next part of the story, Anansi tricks Tiger's brother with a lie about monkey piss.


  1. Every time the brainy Anansi outwits the gullible Tiger in these stories I can't help but laugh.

    1. But he tricked him into being killed. So cruel!

    2. Haha his fault for being so trusting!

    3. Me too haha. Imagine agreeing to have your balls chopped off!

    4. Tiger's balls might have been bigger than Anansi's, but Anansi had the much bigger brain!