~ 120. Anansi and the Crabs ~

Anansi dressed up in a black preaching-gown and preached to the Crabs in Crab Town.
But the Crabs ignored Anansi.
The next time Anansi went to Crab Town, he brought Rat with his drum, Blackbird with his fiddle, and Toad with his flute. 
Anansi preached while Rat, Blackbird and Toad played, and the Crabs all danced, shouting "Hallelujah!"
Next Anansi said, "It's baptizing time!"
First Anansi baptized Rat, Toad, and Blackbird with cold water. "Hallelujah!" they shouted.
"Now baptize us!" said the Crabs, but this time Anansi used boiling water.
Then Anansi and his band ate up all the Crabs.

Inspired byJamaican Song and Story by Walter Jekyll
Notes: This is story 23 in the book. Sherlock also tells this story: Anansi and the Crabs.

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