~ 27. Anansi's Magic Yams ~

Anansi's yams were magic! Only Anansi could pull them out of the ground.
Tiger was hungry. "Let me harvest your yams," he begged Anansi.
Anansi laughed. "You can try!"
Tiger dug and dug. The yams wouldn't come out.
Tiger got angry and started slicing yams with his machete.
Then the yams jumped up and chased Tiger. 
"Ticky-Picky-Boom-Boom!" they shouted. "TICKY-PICKY-BOOM-BOOM!"
Tiger ran. The yams ran too.
"Help me, Goat!" shouted Tiger. Goat butted the yams into the river.
The yams drowned.
Tiger and Goat fished out the yams and ate them up.
But Tiger still has bad yam dreams: Ticky-Picky-BOOM-BOOM!

Inspired byAnansi the Spider Man by Philip Sherlock
Notes: This story is on p. 76 of the book: Ticky-Picky-Boom-Boom. In Sherlock's version, Tiger asks Dog and Duck to help him before he gets help from Goat. Here is Tiger hiding from the yams in Pamela Colman Smith's illustration:

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  1. At least they got their yams in the end. Hope his nightmares end soon tho!