~ 78. Anansi and Dog at the Dance ~

"I like your fancy pants, Anansi!" said Dog. "Will you loan them to me for the dance?"
"They're too small for you," said Anansi.
"No, they'll fit!" Dog insisted.
So Dog squeezed himself into Anansi's pants, and then he went to the dance.
Dog was a good dancer, and he liked to throw his legs up high. 
But when Dog did that, he tore Anansi's pants! They ripped all the way from top to bottom.
Anansi was mad and took back his pants there at the dance, and everyone laughed at Dog.
Ever since then, Dog doesn't wear any clothes.

Inspired byThe Magic Pot: Nansi Stories from the Caribbean by Odeen Ishmael
Notes: This is story 5. Why Dog Wears No Clothes.

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