~ 127. Turtle and Anansi Make a Bet ~

Turtle got rich, and Anansi was jealous.
Anansi put what little money he had in the bank and went to see Turtle.
"We've both got money in the bank," said Anansi. "Let's race along the river! The winner will take all the money."
Turtle agreed. Then he arranged with the Turtle family to hide themselves in the river-grass. They all looked alike!
The race started, and Turtles were popping up ahead of Anansi at every turn.
The last one was Mr. Turtle hiding by the finish line.
"I'm the winner!" he said.
Anansi never figured out how Turtle did it.

Inspired byAnansi the Spider Man by Philip Sherlock
Notes: This story is on p. 47 of the book: Bandalee.

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  1. Turtle is one of the few creatures who is as intelligent as Anansi, and so one of the only ones who can actually outwit him!