~ 84. Anansi and the Fish-Pot ~

Anansi was catching fish in the river with a fish-pot.
But Tacoomah kept stealing Anansi's fish!
Anansi hid and waited to catch the thief.
When he saw Tacoomah opening the pot, Anansi slammed it shut and trapped Tacoomah inside.
Tacoomah drowned inside the fish-pot.
Then Anansi went to Rabbit. "I caught a big fish! But I'm feeling poorly and I dare not put my feet in the cold water. Please come drag the fish-pot for me!"
So Rabbit dragged the fish-pot to shore.
When they found Tacoomah dead inside, Anansi yelled, "You killed Tacoomah!"
The police arrested Rabbit for murder.

Inspired byJamaican Song and Story by Walter Jekyll
Notes: This is story 48 in the book.


  1. Haha the rabbit in this story can't be as clever as Brer Rabbit, or he would never have allowed himself to be tricked like this ;)

    1. Framing an innocent guy for a crime you committed, that's the lowest of the low mate