~ 128. Anansi and Turtle Make Another Bet ~

After Turtle won the race, Anansi and Turtle went to the bank.
The banker gave Turtle a sack with all the money: Turtle's money, and Anansi's too.
They walked home together. "How did he win that race?" Anansi wondered. "He's so slow!"
When they reached the pond, Anansi said, "Let's make a new bet: whoever dives longest gets the money."
Turtle knew he could win this time too: he was a good diver.
So Turtle jumped in and swam down down down deep. After a long time, he came back up.
Anansi was gone. And so was all the money!

Inspired byAnansi the Spider Man by Philip Sherlock
Notes: This story is on p. 47 of the book: Bandalee (this is the conclusion of the story). You can read the story of the race here: Turtle and Anansi Make a Bet.

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