~ 147. White Yams and Red ~

Quanqua stole Anansi's ox, and Anansi wanted revenge.
Pretending to be friendly, Anansi invited Quanqua to a feast.
"You bring white yams, and I'll bring red," said Anansi. "We'll cook a great feast together."
Quanqua brought lots of white yams.
"I've just got one red yam," said Anansi, "but I'm not very hungry. One will be enough for me."
They put the yams in the pot to cook.
"White for you, and red for me!" said Anansi, and when they opened the pot, Anansi's red yam had turned the whole porridge red!
Anansi ate everything, and Quanqua went away hungry.

Inspired by: Appendix to Popular Tales From the Norse by George Webbe Dasent. These are stories from Dasent's childhood in St. Vincent, West Indies.
Notes: This is story 3 in the appendix.

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