~ 18. Anansi, Tiger, and the Fish ~

To hide his fish from Tiger, Anansi put them in a coffin.
Tiger saw Anansi with the coffin. "I'll help bury your friend!" he said.
They walked and walked.
Anansi got tired and confessed. "There are fish in the coffin."
"I love fish!" said Tiger. He ate the fish and left the fish-bones in the coffin.
"Now I want dumplings!" said Tiger. 
They went to Anansi's house, and Anansi gave the fish-bones to his wife. "Put the fish-bones in the dumplings," he whispered.
Tiger choked on the dumplings.
"I'll help you!" said Anansi, whacking Tiger with a shovel.
Tiger died!

Inspired byThe Magic Pot: Nansi Stories from the Caribbean by Odeen Ishmael
Notes: This is story 26. Nansi and the Fried Fish.

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