~ 92. Anansi, Snake, and the Rock ~

Snake was trapped under a big rock.
"Save me!" Snake shouted when Anansi walked by.
"No!" said Anansi. "You'll eat me."
"I won't eat you, I promise!" shouted Snake. "I'll be your friend forever!"
Anansi rolled away the rock.
"Now I'm going to eat you!" said Snake.
"That's not fair!" said Anansi.
Agouti walked by. "Be our judge, Agouti!" they said.
"Well," said Agouti, "you better show me what happened."
"I was under this rock," said Snake, and then Anansi rolled the rock back on Snake.
"Leave him!" said Agouti. "He'll have to find some other fool who trusts him."

Inspired byThe Magic Pot: Nansi Stories from the Caribbean by Odeen Ishmael
Notes: This is story 6. Nansi and Snake. Before asking Agouti to be their judge, they talk to Donkey, who sides with Snake because the world is unfair; he gets beaten with sticks by ungrateful people all the time. In other versions of this story, Anansi is the judge at the end.

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