~ 71. Anansi Gives Tacoomah Advice about Yams ~

Tacoomah was planting yams, and Anansi gave him some advice. "You should boil those yams, put pork inside, and then plant them. That will make the yams grow big and fast!"
Tacoomah did what Anansi said.
When it was night, Anansi came and took the cooked yams full of pork, putting wild yams in their place. Then Anansi feasted on Tacoomah's yams and pork.
The wild yams Anansi left in Tacoomah's field were big, but they had no roots.
At first, Tacoomah rejoiced: the yams were so big!
But soon they shriveled up, and Tacoomah realized Anansi had tricked him.

Inspired byFolklore of the Antilles by Elsie Clews Parsons.
Notes: You can see Parsons' story and notes here. Parsons heard the story from Hilton Libert.

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