~ 134. Anansi and the Watermelon ~

Anansi made a hole in Goat's watermelon and feasted.
Then Anansi was too fat to get out!
Goat came.
"Hello, Goat!" said Anansi from inside the watermelon.
"The king will want this talking watermelon!" said Goat, and he carried the watermelon to the king's palace.
"I brought you a talking watermelon," said Goat.
"Show me!" said the king.
The watermelon said nothing.
"Talk, you stupid watermelon!" shouted the king.
"I'm not stupid!" said Anansi. "You're the one talking to a watermelon."
The king grabbed the watermelon and threw it against the wall.
Out popped Anansi, and he ran away, laughing.

Inspired by: Caribbean Visions in Folktales by Clement B. G. London
Notes: This is story 26: Brer Anansi and the Talking Watermelon. In the original story, Goat meets Sheep and other animals on his way to the king (the "warden"), but I did not have room to include them.

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  1. I was hoping his greed would of left him trapped in the watermelon but sadly he found a way of escaping