~ 100. Anansi and the Skinny Sheep ~

There was a famine.
There wasn't any food to eat, and the animals were getting thinner and thinner.
Anansi met Sheep and said, "You're looking very skinny, Sheep!"
"It's the famine, Anansi," said Sheep. "There's no food to eat."
"I bet you're so light now I could carry you," said Anansi. "Let's see!"
So Sheep got on Anansi's back.
Then Anansi carried Sheep to his house and threw Sheep into the stew pot.
Anansi and his wife ate Sheep.
The same with Goat.
The same with Dog.
That's how Anansi and his wife got food to eat during the famine.

Inspired by: Wona's story "Put You Down a Me Wife Pot" as reported in The Caribbean Story Finder by Sharon Barcan Elswit.
Notes: This story is 328 in Elswit's index, from Wona's book, A Selection of Anancy Stories. Sadly, the English book is not available online, but a German translation is available at Hathi. In the second part of the story, Anansi tries the same trick on Monkey, but Monkey outwits him, and Anansi barely escapes with his life: Anansi and Monkey Take Turns.

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  1. Sheep, Goat and Dog all falling victim to the evil Anansi