~ 133. Anansi and the Fire in the King's Palace ~

Anansi set fire to the king's palace.
"Who set fire to my palace?" shouted the king. "I'll reward whoever finds the criminal!"
"You need to have a party," Anansi said to the king. "That's how you will find the criminal."
Then Anansi went to see Goat. 
"Let's go to the king's party together, Goat!" he said. "I'll play while you sing this song: I set the fire, O, I set the fire, O!"
Goat was happy to go to the party.
Anansi played and Goat sang, "I set the fire, O!"
The king locked Goat in prison and rewarded Anansi.

Inspired bySuriname Folklore by Melville J. Herskovits and Frances S. Herskovits
Notes: You can read the story Incriminating Song online. The storyteller is Johan Bekker of Paramaribo. The story is told about the king's church, but I changed it to palace. 

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