~ 76. Dog and Anansi Compare Senses ~

Dog was boasting to Anansi about his many senses. 
"I've got sense in my nose," Dog said, "and in my two ears, two eyes, four feet, and I taste with my mouth. Plus brains in my head. I've got eleven senses!"
"I've just got two senses," said Anansi. "I know me, and I know my friend."
The next day Tiger caught Dog. 
Anansi saw them.
"I'm going to eat Dog now!" snarled Tiger.
"You better fold your paws and say grace," Anansi said.
Tiger folded his paws to say grace, and Dog got away.
Two senses are better than eleven!

Inspired bySpiderman Anancy by James Berry
Notes: This story appears on p. 36 of the book: Anancy and Friend.

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  1. Hahaha gullible Tiger falls for the praying trick yet again!