~ 46. Baby Anansi at the Lion's Feast ~

After Anansi left Lion tied to a tree, a woman found Lion and freed him.
Grateful Lion invited her to a feast.
Anansi wanted to go too. "Take me with you!" he said, and he turned himself into a baby.
The woman brought the baby to Lion's house, and the baby ate more than anybody else.
Lion got suspicious, so he followed the woman, but Anansi turned himself into an old man.
"Which way did the woman and her baby go?" Lion asked the old man.
"That way!" said Anansi, pointing the wrong way.
Lion ran off, and Anansi laughed.

Inspired by: Appendix to Popular Tales From the Norse by George Webbe Dasent. These are stories from Dasent's childhood in St. Vincent, West Indies.
Notes: This is story 2 in the appendix.


  1. That was terribly mean of Anansi, tricking the lion in such a way!!