~ 115. Anansi and the Bullfrogs ~

You've seen how Bullfrogs are always jumping. 
That's Anansi's fault, because he tricked the Bullfrogs long ago.
Anansi went to the pond one day and shouted, "Hey there, Bullfrogs! I've got good news: I caught Alligator. You don't have to worry about him anymore."
Anansi was lying, but the Bullfrogs believed him. "Thank you, Anansi!" they said. "Thank you so much!"
The next day Anansi told them, "Watch out! Alligator got away." Then Anansi pointed. "Look there! He's right behind you!"
Anansi was lying, but the Bullfrogs believed him.
The Bullfrogs started jumping.
And they're still jumping to this day!

Inspired by: Louis Bennett's story "Anancy and Bull Frog" as reported in The Caribbean Story Finder by Sharon Barcan Elswit.
Notes: This story is 336 in Elswit's index, from Louise Bennett's book, Laugh with Louise.

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