~ 39. Anansi Arranges a Funeral ~

Anansi and his wife sat under a tree.
Monkey was in the tree, listening.
"We need meat!" Anansi said. "I'll take a barrel, wrap it in a sheet, and invite everyone to your funeral."
Sheep, Goat, Hog, and Monkey all came. Cow was the minister.
"Come inside," Anansi said to the animals.
They went inside, but Monkey refused. He knew better! 
"My grief is too great," Monkey said, sobbing.
Then Anansi locked the door from the inside.
Cow sang a hymn.
"I don't like that hymn!" Anansi shouted, and he killed the animals with his machete.
Monkey sat outside, laughing.

Inspired byJamaican Song and Story by Walter Jekyll
Notes: This is story 5 in the book. The story has lots of fun details about the animals who really believed this was a funeral. The story uses "cutlass" as the word for the machete.

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