~ 146. Quanqua and Anansi's Ox ~

There was a man named Quanqua who lived by the river.
He saw Mrs. Anansi driving an ox-cart, but the ox wouldn't cross the river. 
"I must get Anansi to help me!" she said, and she ran back home.
After she was gone, Quanqua killed the ox and cut off the tail. He then buried the tail sticking up out of the ground and carried away the rest.
When Anansi came, Quanqua shouted, "Your ox jumped down into the ground!"
Anansi grabbed the tail and pulled, and the tail came out.
"The ox must have gotten away!" said Quanqua, laughing.

Inspired by: Appendix to Popular Tales From the Norse by George Webbe Dasent. These are stories from Dasent's childhood in St. Vincent, West Indies.
Notes: This is story 3 in the appendix.

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