~ 99. Anansi and Blacksnake ~

Anansi and Blacksnake used to be friends.
"Share your food with me," said Anansi.
"I'll share," said Blacksnake. "But you must pay: I'll lash you with my tail later."
Then Anansi prepared a feast. "Who wants a feast?" he shouted.
"I do!" said Goat.
Goat enjoyed Anansi's feast.
Then they heard a knock at the door.
"Answer the door," Anansi told Goat.
Goat answered the door. 
It was Blacksnake! His tail lashed out and cut Goat in two.
Then Blacksnake slithered off into the dark, thinking he had killed Anansi.
But Anansi was alive, and he ate Goat for dessert.

Notes: This is story 52. He Pays for the Provisions. The story is from Tobago. Anansi eats other guests, but finally Armadillo is a guest who refuses to answer the door. Anansi protects himself with furniture and survives, but from then on he started working and stopped begging.

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  1. I feel so bad for Goat because he gets killed through no fault of his own