~ 122. Anansi in Fish-Country ~

Anansi went to Fish-Country, pretending to be a doctor.
A fat mama-fish came to see him. "My eyes hurt," she said.
"I can cure that!" said Anansi.
Anansi accompanied her home and locked her in a room. Next, he taught her children a song: "Bim-Bam-Bye, heal my mother's eye."
Anansi entered the locked room, fried the fish, and ate her. Then he arranged her bones on the bed.
"Keep on singing, but leave her alone for two hours!" he said to the children. "I'll check on her tomorrow."
The fish-children even paid Anansi.
"Bim-Bam-Bye!" Anansi sang as he ran away.

Inspired byAnansi the Spider Man by Philip Sherlock
Notes: This story is on p. 70 of the book: Anansi and Fish Country. In Sherlock's story, Anansi must escape from both dog and alligator to get across the river and return home.

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