~ 19. Anansi Goes to Tiger's Wedding ~

Tiger didn't invite Anansi to his wedding. 
Anansi was mad, so he put cow-itch plant inside Tiger's tuxedo.
Tiger put on the tuxedo and it itched.
It itched bad!
Tiger tore off his tuxedo. "Go get Anansi!" he yelled.
Anansi was excited to come to the wedding feast, but when he got there, Tiger buried him in the cow-itch. 
It itched bad!
Thinking quickly, Anansi yelled, "Did you see the Queen coming behind me?"
"The Queen???!" Tiger didn't think she would come to the wedding.
When Tiger ran to see the queen, Anansi escaped.
There was no queen, of course.

Inspired by: The King of the Mountains: A Treasury of Latin American Folk Stories by M. A. Jagendorf and R. S. Boggs
Notes: This story appears on p. 171 of the book: Anansi Plays with Fire, Anansi Gets Burned.


  1. Of course there was no Queen, only someone as credulous as Tiger would believe that lie! ;-)

    1. It's that not hard to believe mate. I'd have believed it.