~ 75. Anansi, Dog, and Agouti ~

Anansi wanted to tease Dog and Agouti, so he told them about a trip to Mango-Island. "Only horned animals can board the ship," Anansi said. "Not you!"
But Dog and Agouti both wanted to go, so they made wooden horns, promising to help each other put the horns on their heads.
But when Agouti put the horns on Dog, he ran off and jumped on board, abandoning Agouti.
"Hey Cow, hey Goat, hey Ram!" Agouti shouted. "Somebody doesn't have real horns!"
Ram butted Dog overboard.
Then Dog chased Agouti and bit off his tail; that's how Agouti lost his tail.

Inspired byListen to This Story by Grace Hallworth.
Notes: This story appears on p. 11 of the book: How Agouti Lost His Tail. It's called Bird-Island in the story, but I changed it to Mango-Island.

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