~ 193. Anansi and God's Yams ~

Anansi was hungry! He saw yams growing in God's field, and he stole God's yams.
God didn't know who stole his yams, but he was mad. He made a man of wood and covered it with tar, and then he put it in the field.
Anansi came back for more yams and saw the man.
"You can't stop me from taking these yams!" Anansi shouted, and he hit the man. His hand stuck. Other hand: stuck. Foot: stuck. Other foot: stuck. Then Anansi butted the man with his head: stuck.
That's how God found out who was stealing his yams!

Inspired byFolklore of the Antilles by Elsie Clews Parsons.
Notes: You can see Parsons' story and notes here. Parsons heard the story from Michael Richard, also known as "Boss Mike." In this version, Anansi actually escapes; I've told the story of Anansi's escape as a separate story.

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