~ 196. Anansi and the Pea ~

Anansi found a pea and planted it.
Goat ate Anansi's pea-plant.
"Pay me!" said Anansi.
Goat gave Anansi his horn.
Anansi washed the horn in River, and River took the horn.
"Pay me!" said Anansi.
River gave him a fish.
Anansi met a starving boy. "Give me your fish," the boy said. "Take my whip."
Anansi took the whip.
"Help me!" shouted Tacoomah. "I need a whip to herd my cows."
"Give me a cow," said Anansi.
Anansi got a cow.
From the cow, he got milk; then cheese.
Anansi sold cheese and bought more cows.
All from a pea!

Inspired byAnansi and Company: Retold Jamaican Tales by Bish Denham
Notes: This is story 17. The Pea That Made a Fortune. The chain is even longer in the original story: a starving woman takes the fish and gives Anansi a shirt, then the boy needs a shirt and that's how Anansi gets the whip.

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