~ 98. Anansi and the Gun ~

Anansi borrowed Gun from Hunter.
"Rejoice!" Anansi shouted. "Gun is dead!"
Then Anansi invited all the animals to come to Gun's funeral.
Gun had killed many animals, so this was good news. All the animals were glad that Gun was dead.
Anansi carried Gun up to the top of a ladder. "I will conduct Gun's funeral now!" Anansi said to the animals. "Come line up and bow your heads."
The animals bowed their heads, waiting for the funeral to begin, and then Anansi fired Gun at the animals.
He killed and ate them all.
Beware of Anansi: he's very cunning!

Inspired bySuriname Folklore by Melville J. Herskovits and Frances S. Herskovits
Notes: You can read the story Mock Funeral: Gun is Dead online. The storyteller is Edwin Bundel. In a variation, the Tiger stages Gun's funeral, but Anansi and his family escape.

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  1. I can't believe that! He killed them all! Anansi can be so cruel and callous!