~ 156. Anansi and Dog's New Name ~

Everybody called Dog "Thieving-Dog," and Dog didn't like it.
Dog asked Anansi for help. "I don't want to be Thieving-Dog. I need a new name!"
Anansi agreed. "I'll give you a name if you'll watch this roast for me. Turn the spit, but don't eat the meat. I'll be back soon."
Dog tried to resist, but the meat smelled so good.
Dog ate the meat!
Anansi came back and laughed. "Okay," he said, "your new name is Same-As-Ever."
Dog was very grateful!
He ran through the village, and some boys shouted. "There's that Thieving-Dog!"
"No!" barked Dog. "I'm Same-As-Ever! Same-As-Ever!"

Inspired byThe Magic Pot: Nansi Stories from the Caribbean by Odeen Ishmael
Notes: This is story 39. Dog Changes His Name.

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