~ 70. Anansi and the Jumbee House ~

Anansi found a jumbee house. He heard the jumbees say "Jollup-Jellup!" to open the door and "Jug-Up-Shollop" to come back out.
Anansi waited till the jumbees left. Then he said, "Jollup-Jellup!"
Anansi went inside. The house was full of food. Anansi ate the food, and then he said "Jug-Up-Shollop!" to get back out.
"You look fat, Anansi!" said Tacoomah.
"I've been eating jumbee food," Anansi said.
"I want jumbee food too!" Tacoomah said.
Anansi taught him "Jollup-Jellup" but not "Jug-Up-Shollop."
Tacoomah was trapped when the jumbees came back, and the angry jumbees turned Tacoomah to ashes.
Beware the jumbee house!

Inspired byFolklore of the Antilles by Elsie Clews Parsons.
Notes: You can see Parsons' story and notes here. Parsons heard the story from Evelyn Smith. This is a really cool story with lots of great detail!

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