~ 66. Anansi and the Dog-Head ~

Anansi and Tacoomah went hunting with their dogs.
On the way, Anansi got hungry. He ate his dog, but he kept the head.
Tacoomah's dog killed a cow.
Anansi ran up, chased Tacoomah's dog away, and then put his dog-head there.
"Look what my dog-head did!" Anansi shouted.
"That's impossible!" said Tacoomah.
To trick Anansi, Tacoomah hid in the bushes, making the sound of a whip cracking.
"No, sir," Tacoomah shouted. "No, sir! My dog didn't kill your cow! Anansi's dog-head did that!"
"No!" shouted Anansi. "Not true! Tacoomah's dog did that."
Then Tacoomah came out and took the cow.

Inspired byJamaica Anansi Stories by Martha Warren Beckwith
Notes: This is story 19 in the book. Beckwith heard this story from Richard Morgan; additional information in Beckwith's notes

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