~ 65. Tacoomah Rides Anansi ~

Anansi and Tacoomah were courting the same woman.
Tacoomah told her, "Anansi was my father's riding-horse!"
Anansi heard about this and got angry. 
"We'll go tell her the truth!" Anansi said.
"I can't go now," said Tacoomah. "I'm sick."
"We must go now!" said Anansi.
"Well," said Tacoomah, "maybe you can carry me."
Anansi let Tacoomah get on his back.
"I'm so weak..." said Tacoomah. "I need my walking-stick to steady myself."
When they got near the woman's house, Tacoomah started beating Anansi with the walking-stick.
Anansi ran.
"Look!" Tacoomah shouted. "Anansi was my father's riding-horse, and now he's mine!"

Inspired byFolklore from Contemporary Jamaicans by Daryl C. Dance
Notes: This is story 19 in the book. Anansi is so ashamed at the end that he goes and lives on the roof of the house.

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