~ 91. Anansi and the Stolen Pig ~

Anansi stole a pig.
Then he went to the river for water to make stew, and River-Snake grabbed him.
"I'll let you go if you share your stew with me," said River-Snake.
Anansi agreed.
They went to where Anansi had tied the pig.
River-Snake said, "I'll soften the pig up for you!" He swallowed the pig in one gulp.
Anansi called to Crow, "Hey Crow! Carry River-Snake away from here!"
Crow carried River-Snake away, but River-Snake was heavy and Crow dropped him.
River-Snake fell down, burst open, and the pig jumped out.
Anansi made the stew and ate it all.

Inspired byListen to This Story by Grace Hallworth.
Notes: This story appears on p. 17 of the book: Compere Anansi and the pig. The snake is named Mapapire, and the crow is Corbeau. In the first part of the story, Anansi uses the trick of disguising himself as a doctor to persuade his wife to give him the pig: Anansi and the Pork Stew.

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