~ 178. Fire, Grass, and Anansi ~

Fire was angry at Grass. 
"I'm going to burn that Grass!" Fire said to Anansi, not knowing that Anansi and Grass were friends.
"When you go to burn Grass, tell me, and I'll blow my horn to make Grass afraid," said Anansi.
Next, Anansi went to his friend Water and said, "I need you to rain down when I blow my horn." 
"Okay," said Water.
When Fire went to burn Grass, Anansi blew his horn. Then Water came raining down and saved the Grass.
From that day on, Fire was angry with Anansi because of how Anansi had tricked him!

Inspired byJamaican Song and Story by Walter Jekyll
Notes: This is story 42 in the book. Compare this story in Beckwith where Anansi and Fire are friends: Anansi and Fire. Jekyll's story goes on to describe Fire trying to get revenge.

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