~ 194. Anansi and the Tar-Man ~

Anansi was stealing God's yams.
God made a tar-man to stand guard, and Anansi got stuck on God's tar-man.
"I need to get away before God finds me!" thought Anansi.
Rooster walked by.
"Help me!" cried Anansi.
"I'm not messing with you!" replied Rooster.
Sheep walked by, but Sheep wouldn't help Anansi either.
Then Goat walked by.
"I'll help you!" said Goat. He butted the tar-man, and then Goat was stuck. Anansi used Goat's horns to pull himself loose, and then he skinned Goat and took the skin home.
So Anansi got God's yams and a goatskin all for himself.

Inspired byFolklore of the Antilles by Elsie Clews Parsons.
Notes: You can see Parsons' story and notes here. Parsons heard the story from Michael Richard, also known as "Boss Mike."

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