Anansi and the Bros

Anansi had a vision. "We can all be brothers!" he shouted.
Anansi got a wagon and went to all the animals, preaching the gospel of brotherhood. "Brother Dog! Brother Hog! Brother Rabbit! Brother Hawk! Brother Monkey! Brother Tiger! Let's celebrate our brotherhood. I'll carry food for the party in my wagon. Come to my house tomorrow!"
The animals loaded Anansi's wagon with food and drink.
"See you tomorrow!" said Anansi.
That night Anansi ate and drank till he couldn't eat or drink anymore.
The animals came the next day, not guessing how much Anansi stole for himself the night before.

Inspired bySpiderman Anancy by James Berry
Notes: This story appears on p. 11 of the book: Anancy and the Making of the Bro Title. Berry's story is full of all kinds of wonderful detail, including how hard Anansi has to work to get Tiger to join in, and also some tense back-and-forth between Anansi and his wife who thinks there should be a Sis-title like the Bro-title.