~ 137. The Contest for the King's Daughter ~

The king had a beautiful daughter. 
"Whoever can dance this big stone into smoke will marry the princess," said the king.
Men came and danced on the stone, but they couldn't make it smoke.
Anansi gathered ashes and put them in his pockets, and then he went to the palace.
"I'm going to marry the princess!" he shouted.
Anansi danced on the big stone, singing "Ying-ee-ding-ee-ding, princess for me," and he let the ashes fly.
"Ying-ee-ding-ee-ding, princess for me," Anansi sang, letting more ashes fly.
Everyone thought Anansi was dancing the stone to smoke.
That's how Anansi married the princess!

Notes: This is story 27. Making the Stone Smoke, from St. Vincent.

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