~ 14. Anansi in the Gourd ~

Tiger was chasing Anansi.
Anansi needed to hide, so he hid inside Tiger's water-gourd.
Tiger didn't see where Anansi had gone. He was angry that Anansi had escaped!
Then Tiger picked up his water-gourd and went to fetch water.
Anansi had to get out, or else he would drown.
"Tiger's mother is dead-dead-DEAD!" said Anansi from inside the gourd, and his voice echoed. 
Tiger listened and then kept walking.
"Tiger's mother is dead-DEAD-DEAD!" 
Tiger listened again.
"Tiger's mother is DEAD-DEAD-DEAD!"
Tiger dropped the gourd and went running to his mother's house.
Tiger's mother wasn't dead.
That's how Anansi got away!

Inspired byJamaican Song and Story by Walter Jekyll
Notes: This is story 28 in the book.