~ 64. Lion, Tacoomah, and Anansi ~

Anansi, Tacoomah, and Lion had an apple tree, and Anansi ate all the apples.
"Who ate the apples?" roared Lion. "We'll let the fire decide."
So they each had to jump over the fire.
Lion sang his Lion-song and jumped over the fire. "Fire proved me innocent!"
Next, Tacoomah sang his Tacoomah-song and jumped. "Fire proved me innocent!"
Next, Anansi sang his Anansi-song and jumped.
He fell in the fire, and the fire burned his shirt.
"I'll try again!"
The fire burned Anansi's underpants. Now Anansi was naked!
Anansi ran up the tree to hide, and he's hiding there still.

Inspired byFolklore from Antigua, British West Indies by John H. Johnson
Notes: This is story 2 in the collection; the storyteller is George Edwards of Greenbay, Antigua. Anansi often hides in the "cassy tree" in Edwards's stories. In the original story, Anansi loses shirt, then pants, then underpants, so he's naked after the third jump.

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