~ 51. Poor Anansi's Dead ~

"We need food!" Anansi said to his wife. "I'll lie here, and you'll shout that I'm dead."
"My poor husband!" shouted Mrs. Anansi. "Anansi's dead!"
Hawk came by. "Poor Anansi!" said Hawk, and he bowed his head. Anansi jumped up and killed Hawk, and then they ate him.
Then Bull came. "Poor Anansi!" he said, and he bowed his head. They killed him and ate him.
Then Sheep. Then Fowl.
Then Ground-Dove came. "Is he really dead?" Ground-Dove asked. "If he's dead, he should make one last big fart."
Anansi let loose a big fart.
Ground-Dove laughed and ran away.

Notes: This is story 70. Anansi Plays Dead. The story is from St. Vincent.

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  1. At least his deception was discovered eventually, even if it was too late for 4 of the innocent animals