~ 45. Anansi and Lion Play a Game ~

Lion had stolen Anansi's fish, and Anansi wanted revenge.
"Let's play a game!" said Anansi to Lion. "We'll tie each other to a tree. Here's some string; you tie me first." 
Anansi gave Lion some thread, and Lion tied Anansi to the tree.
Anansi easily broke the thread and got free.
Lion laughed. "This was fun! Now you tie me."
Anansi got out a big thick rope and tied Lion to the tree. 
Lion struggled with all his strength, but he couldn't break free.
Anansi laughed. "This is fun!" 
Then he beat Lion with a stick and left him there.

Inspired by: Appendix to Popular Tales From the Norse by George Webbe Dasent. These are stories from Dasent's childhood in St. Vincent, West Indies.
Notes: This is story 2 in the appendix.


  1. Haha Lion might be strong but he's no match for the intelligence of Anansi!

    1. If I got tied up like that I'd probably burst into tears mate.