~ 138. The King's Daughter and Anansi ~

The king had a daughter who didn't talk. 
"Whoever can make the princess talk will marry her," said the king.
Anansi wanted to marry the princess, so he asked Hog for help. "Oink-oink!" said Hog.
"You're no help!" said Anansi.
Same with Goat who said "Baaaaaah!" and Chicken who went "Cluck-cluck!"
Then Anansi asked Peacock, and Peacock shrieked, "Chirry-way! Chirry-way! Chirry-way!"
"Come with me!" said Anansi happily.
They went to the palace. Peacock sang and Anansi danced. 
The princess smiled, then she hummed, then she sang and started talking.
Anansi got the princess, and the king painted Peacock with gold.

Inspired byJamaican Song and Story by Walter Jekyll
Notes: This is story 27 in the book. In the source story, there's a man who can't talk and the king offers his daughter as a reward for making that man talk, but I condensed that to focus on the king's daughter.

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